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What Are the Best Florida Water Technologies for Drinking Water?

What Are The Best Florida Water Technologies For Drinking Water
Did you know that bottled water that is sold as a beverage within Florida’s borders faces less regulations than water imported and sold in our state? Integrity Water Treatment, your Jacksonville water treatment company, has a lot to say on this topic because of our years of experience in the industry. Florida bottlers have less restrictions on trade and can supply their distributors within the state with a high-quality bottle of water for less than someone transporting it across state lines. Florida bottlers invest a significant amount of time and money maintaining their filtration systems to provide their customers with pure, delicious drinking water.

What You Should Know About Water Quality

As far as water quality is concerned, many steps are taken to ensure that drinking water is clean and safe to consume. The water’s quality is what makes the water attractive to consumers and guarantees future sales. High-quality systems are designed to take the hard, heavily chlorinated water and turn it into great-tasting water that flows from Jacksonville homeowner’s faucets, saving homeowners both time and money. Some of these systems include reverse osmosis drinking water systems, ultrafiltration, and standard filtration.

Popular Filtration Appliances to Improve Water in Jacksonville Homes

  • Reverse Osmosis – The RO membrane separates solids (TDS) from tap water at a 96 percent rejection rate. If the total dissolved substances is 350 parts per million (ppm), the process has removed 336 ppm TDS, and the water is considered to be clean and safe to drink. Many types of reverse osmosis systems are available, and your water treatment company can install and service these products.
  • Ultrafiltration – This process is popular among families who want high-quality water without the waste that results from the reverse osmosis technique. An ultrafiltration system is simple in design and easy to maintain, and it typically reduces contaminants by as much as 95 percent.
  • Standard Filtration – When it comes to water technologies for drinking water, standard filtration is the simplest approach. Although this technique doesn’t reduce contaminants, it decreases chlorine.

Reach Out to Our Water Treatment Specialists

If you have any questions about water technologies for drinking water in Jacksonville homes, such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and standard filtration, contact a reputable water treatment company like Integrity Water Treatment. Our water treatment company consists of qualified technicians with expert knowledge and years of experience in the industry.

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