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Jacksonville’s Leader in Well Water Treatment

Integrity Water Treatment is the Jacksonville water treatment company that you can trust to eliminate metallic tastes, odors, and stains produced by iron, sulfur, and manganese in your water supply by using well water treatment technology such as Iron Zapper systems and Sulfur Shield systems.

If metallic-tasting and sulfur-smelling water is keeping you from drinking your tap water, give the water treatment experts at Integrity Water Treatment a call so that our trusted water treatment company can provide you with effective well water treatment solutions in your Jacksonville home.

Iron Zapper Systems

Iron Zapper systems are used by many water treatment companies because they remove iron, sulfur, and manganese from well water successfully. Iron is known to stain shower walls and doors, bathtubs, plumbing fixtures, driveways, and sidewalks, and these stains are an indication of an overabundance of iron in your water supply. Another reason to install this well water treatment system is a metallic taste to your drinking water.

These water treatment products are a chemical-free approach to iron, sulfur, and manganese removal that is often used when bacteria aren’t present and well pumps are able to produce sufficient pressure for adequate backwash to clean the filter media.

Well water treatment systems use oxygen in your water supply to oxidize iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese so that they form particles that can be flushed through the filter. Iron Zapper systems don’t need chemicals for the oxidation process, but if your drinking water contains bacteria, then chemicals might be required for disinfection.

Sulfur Shield Systems

  • Eliminate sulfur (“rotten egg”) odors caused by hydrogen sulfide
  • Utilize proven technology to increase performance dramatically
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Produce cost savings
  • Pair with disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate bacteria in water supplies

If you are looking for well water treatment in the Jacksonville area, please call us at 904-766-5509, or complete our online consultation form.