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Jacksonville’s Leader in Eco-Green Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Eco-Green Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Eco-green salt-free water conditioners are popular among Jacksonville homeowners and business owners because of their effectiveness and minimal environmental impact. Integrity Water Treatment installs and repairs a range of eco-green salt-free water conditioners. These eco-green salt-free water conditioners use anti-scaling water treatment technology that reduces water hardness while preserving healthy minerals by transforming hardness minerals into microscopic particles.

If eco-green salt-free water conditioners appeal to you, talk to the water treatment specialists at Integrity Water Treatment, a trusted Jacksonville water treatment company, to discuss the advantages of owning a no-salt water softener system.

Benefits of Salt-Free Water Treatment Systems

No-salt water treatment systems descale hard water scale damage on plumbing components. This retains healthy minerals while reducing scale. Water treatment systems can be used in residential and commercial applications, such as apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, solar heating systems, laundromats, humidifiers, boilers, distillers, irrigation systems and office buildings. The media should be replaced by your water treatment company in Jacksonville, FL up to every five years and the cartridge every two years for optimal performance.

Our water treatment products are considered eco-friendly because of the following characteristics:

  • Limit waste discharge and water consumption
  • Retain natural minerals, such as calcium and magnesium
  • Decrease energy consumption because no electricity is required
  • Reduce chemical or raw material consumption because salt isn’t used
  • Decrease space requirements by using 75 percent less floor space than water softeners

Reasons to Purchase Eco-Green Salt-Free Water Conditioners

  • Environmentally safe and don’t use electricity, batteries, or salt
  • No-salt water softener without slippery feeling
  • Combine hard water minerals into Nanocrystals using TAC technology
  • Don’t remove healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium
  • Vortech Tank System paired with the large distributor and up-flow design produces high water flow rates throughout homes
  • Anti-scale media eliminates harmful scale buildup in plumbing systems, extending the longevity of appliances
  • Reverse scale damage, prevent re-piping, and saves money
  • Self-leveling base helps end “leaning system syndrome”

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