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Jacksonville’s Leader in City Water Treatment

If your water supply is cleaned through a city water treatment process in Jacksonville, you might be curious about the procedure used to make it safe for consumption. The water treatment professionals at Integrity Water Treatment can provide you with all of this information as well as high-quality water treatment products.

Triple-Treat Water Conditioning Systems

A triple-treat water conditioning system will tackle chlorine tastes and odors, water hardness, and harmful chemicals. Many homeowners don’t think that city water treatment is sufficient, and they want to take additional steps to ensure that their drinking water is clean and tastes good. If you’re concerned about the effectiveness of city water treatment, contact Integrity Water Treatment to learn about Jacksonville water treatments that can provide supplementary filtration.

Twin Tank Models

In a twin tank model, activated carbon reduces the presence of harmful chemicals in the first tank. Because city water treatment using chlorine or chloramine can create unpleasant tastes and odors, these chemicals are eliminated during this stage. In the second tank, the water is softened through an ion exchange water treatment process that prevents calcium scale buildup in dishwashers, coffee makers, and water heaters.

Single Tank Models

In a single tank model, several steps are completed. During the first step of these Jacksonville water treatments, water flows into the multi-media tank and through a catalytic coconut shell carbon so that pesticides, benzene, cleaning compounds, industrial chemicals, ethyl bromide, and VOCs are removed. The second step involves filtration for chlorine odor and taste removal, and the third step includes the removal of magnesium and calcium to soften and condition the water.

If you are looking for city water treatment in the Jacksonville area, please call us at 904-766-5509, or complete our online consultation form.