Integrity Water Benefits

Buy an Integrity Water System, Save Up to 75% Off, and get ALL these Benefits Free:

  1. The Nose Knows…Pets LOVE It!
  2. They’ll choose clean water over chlorinated or well water every time, given the option.
  3. Cleaning machine will do the cleaning for you, saving you both time and money!
  4. Bright and refreshing laundry means your favorite outfit will maintain its original look and feel for a much longer time compared to being washed in hard water. It means no more embarrasing dingy, irony-looking white t-shirts or tops
  5. 100% all natural cleaner – Try drinking other All Natural Cleaners.
  6. Delicious meals prepared in clean, healthy water allows your family to enjoy the natural flavors of their favorite meal in an exciting new way.
  7. Luxurious soft skin helps make you feel refreshingly clean all day without the use of heavy pore-clogging synthetic lotions and creams.
  8. Sparkling dishes and spotless glassware makes for meaningful meals together with family and friends.
  9. Fabulous spot-free car wash means great-looking, shiny new look, when washed in shaded, windless location.
  10. IMPORTANT: Protects Against Plumbing Degradation and Failure.  While each of our Integrity Water Conditioners offer many wonderful benefits. Our Integrity BlackGold Water Conditioner and Integrity Platinum Water Conditioner go a step farther to protect your home’s entire plumbing system (faucets, ice maker, toilets, pipes, water dispenser, etc.) against premature failure and leakage due to chlorine breaking down the rubber and plastic o-rings, seals, and gaskets in use throughout your home. This alone will save hundreds to thousands of dollars in future plumbing repairs or replacement.
  11. Best shave ever! Imagine the look and feel of smooth, silky legs or face without the lotion or razor burn and also reduces those embarrassing cuts while getting more shaves out of each razor.
  12. Salon-quality hair care and hi-lite protection. Yes, and use a fraction of the amount of your favorite, expensive hair care products and protect and extend your hair hi-lites saving lots of money between cuts.
  13. Maytag and other water using appliance manufacturers recommend it because it extends the life of the appliance, saves electricity, and prevents harmful scale build up.
  14. Stretches your money and allows for more family time together.  Experience the fun things you enjoy! While potentially saving hundreds to thousands annually, saving on time spent cleaning, and many more benefits you’ll discover together with your family.
  15. THM and Chlorine-Free giving you clean, great tasting water while eliminating or greatly reducing the chemical taste and smell associated with chlorine while also removing THM’s (a byproduct of chlorine disinfection that could be linked to cancer). Standard benefits in our Integrity Gold and Integrity Platinum Systems.
  16. Long-life system with the Integrity line of products you will experience great, high-quality water, service from your system and satisfaction for many, many years. Each one of professional water treatment products and professional water conditioners will add to the enjoyment of owning it. While many companies claim a “Lifetime Warranty” or 25 Year Warranty, we don’t. The reason is simple: The original manufacturer doesn’t warranty their products for more than 5 (five) years with a few exceptions. And their are certain exclusions to that. I’ve yet to see a manufacturer (and we have dealt with most all of them) that stand behind a so-called “Lifetime-Warranty”. However, We clearly state a factual warranty. And we also offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.
  17. Eliminates harmful scale and protects your home from the damaging effects of hard water scale build-up that restricts your water flow and could lead to a possible repipe of your plumbing.