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Integrity Water Treatment LLC, Jacksonville's Premiere Water Treatment & Water Filtration Company

Integrity Water Treatment LLC can help you fix your water in three easy steps: consultation, installation, and satisfaction! We're the premier choice in Jacksonville for water treatment and filtration because every local resident should have access to clean and purified water. We specialize in services that improve water quality for local homes and businesses.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for water testing, water filtration, water softening, and water purification. We're a family-owned, licensed, independent, and Christian water treatment company with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we want to help you work towards improving your water quality. We're a customer-centered business, available Monday through Saturday, so call us now to schedule your free consultation.

We Specialize In

water testing

Water Testing

Contact us now to schedule your free consultations and water testing. We'll use the latest, innovative technology to analyze your water quality and let you know how to make changes for better water quality.

The purpose of water testing is to identify existing problems and types of contaminants present, enabling our team to take the best course of action to improve your water supply. Ongoing testing allows us to track changes over time and make modifications to treatment plans as needed.

water filtration

Water Filtration

We have proven experience with water treatment, water testing, water softening, and water filtration and purification services. Our filtration services provide households and businesses with improved water quality by removing chemical compounds, organic and inorganic materials, biological contaminants, and more.

Proper filtration helps in ways you wouldn't believe; it's about more than making your water taste better! We're able to install filtration systems that remove dangerous contaminants and heavy metals such as chlorine, mercury, and arsenic. On the plus side, a quality filtration system also ensures that the minerals you should have in your water are present, like Flouride, zinc, and magnesium.

water softening

Water Softening

Our water softening will remove dissolved calcium and magnesium salts that cause build-up in your pipes and on your water-based household appliances. Hard water has a negative impact on anything that comes in contact with it, including clothing, hair, skin, devices, and more.

Installing a high-quality water softener helps prevent the build-up of lime on plumbing fixtures, which means fewer repairs and better performance of fixtures and appliances that use water. Some of the other benefits of a water softening system include spotless dishes, healthier hair, and softer clothing. Even your plants will thank you for providing them with cleaner, purer, and softer water.

water purification

Water Purification

Every household should have access to clean, purified water for consumption, cooking, cleaning, and sanitation purposes. We'll provide you with what's necessary to have better water quality.

If you want to stop spending so much money on bottled water for cooking and consumption, you'll appreciate the value of your new water purification system. Some of the other advantages of water purification are fewer toxins present in your tap water, better tasting food when cooking, and peace of mind that your family has access to purified water. Don't take chances when it comes to the water quality that you and your loved ones use.

With Over 20 Years Experience

The Best Water Treatment Services

water filtration and purification

Water Filtration & Purification

At Integrity Water Treatment LLC, we offer treatment equipment products from many major manufacturers for any problem. Our primary professional focus is to ensure that every customer has the best possible water quality through the use of filtration and purification methods.

Your family deserves the basic necessities, which should include access to the cleanest and purest water possible. We use water daily in our homes for cooking, cleaning, and consumption, and there's no reason to subject ourselves to polluted water full of toxins, contaminants, and harmful impurities.

water system service

Water System Service & Repair

You can count on us to take care of your water system through expert service and repair. Once you have a filtration and purification system in place, it's important to keep it in good working condition.

We install the best water treatment and purification systems on the market, but you'll still need service and repair from time to time. Rest assured that Integrity Water Treatment LLC will go above and beyond to provide stellar service for every aspect of your water system.

well pump and tank replacement

Well Pump & Tank Replacement

Integrity Water Treatment LLC is the company to rely on for well pump and tank replacement. We have in-depth professional knowledge of water systems like pumps and tanks and can quickly identify and rectify existing issues. You can rely on us for prompt and professional service.

For all of your water treatment service needs in Jacksonville, please give us a call. Clean water for every member of the community is something we strive for, and we're making that happen one household at a time.

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Family-owned, licensed, independent, and Christian water treatment company

customer centered

Customer-centered business


Proven experience with water treatment, water testing, water softening, and water filtration and purification services


Availability Monday through Saturday

Water treatment equipment

Water treatment equipment products from many major manufacturers for any problem

Free consultations

Free consultations and water testing

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