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Detecting a Potential Problem in Your Home

At Integrity Water Treatment, our qualified team wants to make sure that homeowners in the Jacksonville area know how to detect potential water problems in their homes’ water and the sources behind them. Knowing the source of a water problem will aid the decision-making process and will determine the best course of action.

Please note that many water contaminants can be detected only by an EPA State Certified Lab Test.

Visible Signs of Water Problems

  • Soap scum or scale from calcium around plumbing appliances
  • Sand, silt, clay, or iron in water
  • Dissolved iron that is causing red or brown stains
  • Green stains resulting from acidic water
  • Cloudy water

Tastes That Indicate Water Problems

  • Metallic tastes because of iron deposits or acidic water
  • Chemical tastes as a result of industrial pollution in water
  • Salty tastes as a result of sodium in water
  • Soapy tastes in alkaline water

Odors That Indicate Water Problems

  • “Rotten egg” odor as a result of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur)
  • Detergent odor or foamy water
  • Chlorine odor from overchlorination
  • Fuel, gas, or oil odor
  • Musty odor

* Please Note– If a “rotten egg” odor is detected only on the hot water side, try replacing the water heating element with an aluminum element. This can be picked up at your favorite hardware store. This is a simple fix that will save you both time and money!

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