The Story Behind Integrity Water Treatment

Integrity Water Treatment stems from the passion the owner Daniel Downing has for helping people.

While being employed with a water treatment manufacturer in Northeast Florida he gained first hand knowledge and experience in all phases of the Water Treatment Industry.

bible-largeThe experiences witnessed first-hand and taught to him by leading national experts in Professional Water Treatment opened his eyes to the need every family has for high quality water. Daniel began to admire the mentors for their honesty, hard work and professionalism, also encouraged him to further his education through the International Water Quality Association’s Certified Program of Certified Water Specialist.

This early education would be what whet his appetite for wanting to help every family enjoy all the wonderful benefits of high quality water treated by professional water treatment systems for their family, while also making it affordable.

He invested considerable time and money to make professional water treatment affordable for every family regardless of income or credit.

The next biggest investment made was that of examining and critiqueing the Water Treatment industry and offering cutting-edge water treatment technology, water conditioners, water softeners, reverse osmosis, as well as other products, and services above and beyond our customers’ expectations, because “your satisfaction is the result of our success.”

The success shared is the result of loving and appreciating each customer. We put ourselves in your shoes and we earn our living by the sweat of our brow, just as you do. Many of our customers have become close friends.

Integrity works hard to be the leading authority in professional water treatment. We have expanded and now have two locations to serve you better. Our Jacksonville, Fl. location-serving Northeast Florida; Our Cross City, Fl. location-serving the Gulf Coast.

We Look Forward to serving you and helping you to “Discover Your Water’s Potential!”

Daniel Downing CWS-I Jax., Fl. (904) 766-5509
David Downing Cross City, Fl. (352) 356-0474

“Christ Makes All The Difference”