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A Water Treatment Company in Lawtey That You Can Trust

Lawtey, FL

Our water treatment company is chosen by Lawtey homeowners because our water treatment professionals value our company’s customers and provide them with cutting-edge water treatment technology, such as water conditioning, water softening, and reverse osmosis. Integrity Water Treatment strives to be the leading authority in professional water treatment in the Lawtey area and aims to be the premier name in water treatment solutions.

Advanced Water Treatment for Your Lawtey Home

You can achieve great-tasting drinking water in your Lawtey home by installing a Hydro-Safe water filtration system for advanced water treatment. This water conditioning system can be used in multiple applications, such as drinking water systems, office buildings, campgrounds, food service, restaurants, and whole-house water filtration. Hydro Safe water conditioner and filtration systems involve three water treatment technologies:

  • Micro-Filtration – pleated filter cartridge and water filter media certified for cysts reduction, capacity to eliminate sub-micron particles and harmful microorganisms, and doesn’t decrease pressure or restrict water flow significantly
  • Carbon Treatment – adds activated carbon powder to the sub-micron water filter fiber through an electrostatic bonding process to remove chlorine odors and tastes
  • UV Light Disinfection – water flows into a stainless steel reaction chamber and is exposed to a 254 nanometer UV lamp and disinfected without using chemicals

Water Filtration & Purification Solutions

If you prefer to purchase bottled water because the tap water in your Lawtey home looks cloudy, tastes bad, or smells unpleasant, consult with the water treatment experts at Integrity Water Treatment, your local water treatment company, to discuss water filtration options. Our water treatment company can provide you with a high-quality water filtration system that will purify your water while eliminating contaminants that cause cloudy water and unpleasant smells and tastes. During the water purification process, contaminants such as bacteria, man-made chemical pollutants, viruses, fungi, algae, and minerals such as lead and copper will be removed successfully.

Lawtey, FL


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