Eco-Green Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Protect Your Home…Protect Your Investment

The SCALE-NET water treatment system is a no salt water softener that will actually “de-scale” the hard water scale damage done to your plumbing.

Scale-Net Whole-House Water Conditioner keeps in healthy minerals for human consumption while reducing scale

Homeowner Benefits Include:

  • Integrity Water Treatment Non-Electric Maintanence Free Valve means no-problems EVER!
  • Enviromentally Safe “Green” Technology (Uses No Electricity, Batteries, or Salt making it a “Truly” Eco-Green Water Conditioning System).
  • Exclusive no-salt water softener without salt or the slippery feeling.
  • Combines hard water minerals into nano crystals using TAC technology.
  • Healthy minerals, Calcium and Magnesium are not removed.
  • Our exclusive Vortech Tank System coupled with our large distributor and upflow design means high water flow rates throughout your home.
  • Our advanced “Anti-Scale” Scale-Net media eliminates harmful scale build up in your entire plumbing system extending the life of your water using appliances.
  • Reverses the scale damage already in your plumbing. Descaling your home’s plumbing system could save lots of money, preventing repiping your home. (Verified by laboratory studies in a controlled enviroment).
  • Self-Leveling base helps end the common “leaning system syndrome” seen often in systems installed on incompletely leveled base.


Please Compare to ANY Anti-Scale Water Conditioner or No Salt Water Softener at ANY Price!

Salt-Free Conditioners

(Copper Service Line and Water Heater Element )
Hard Water Scale Damage