Water Conditioners and Water Softeners


Enjoy soft, conditioned water from Safeway Water!

Water Softeners

Premium Series Systems:

Proprietary valve design

  • Advanced electronics
  • Stingy with salt and water!
  • Custom brine tank indicates salt level
  • Audible “add salt” alarm
  • Premium Dow 10% resin for long life
  • Designer tanks with decorative tank collars
  • All components are USA made
  • Systems are assembled in USA
  • Ten year limited warranty!
Components are made and
systems are assembled in USA!

Water Softeners

Signature Series Systems:

With highly efficient control valves

  • Metered operation for greater efficiency
  • Stingy with salt and water!
  • Premium 8% resin (made in USA)
  • NSF certificated pressure tanks
  • Brine tanks come with safety float
  • Systems are assembled in USA
  • Seven year warranty!

Get these endless benefits with Safeway Water® conditioning systems!

Your laundry will be cleaner, softer & brighter

Soft skin & soft water go together!

Enjoy “squeaky clean” bath & shower water!

No “bad hair days” with hard water minerals removed.

Save money by reducing soap & detergent use by 40%.