Advanced Water Treatment

Get Triple-Treat (TM) protection for your entire home with the Hydro-Safe Water Conditioner and filtration system!



Hydrosafe “Triple Treat Water Protection”

Step #1
0.2 Micro-filtration

The Hydro-Safe Water Conditioner and filter cartridge is pleated for greater surface area using a micro-fiber, rated at 0.2 micron.

This unique water filter media is certified under NSF / ANSI Standard 53 for cysts reduction and has the capacity to remove sub-micron particles and harmful microorganisms from your water with very little pressure drop or flow restriction.

This is an important step in the triple-treat water filter process.

Step #2
Carbon Treatment

An exceptionally fine activated carbon powder is added to the sub-micron water filter fiber using an electrostatic bonding process.

Activated carbon provides a secondary water treatment process to remove chlorine, tastes, and odors.

Step #3
UV Light disinfection

During the final water treatment process, water flows into a stainless steel reaction chamber where water it is exposed to a 254 nanometer UV lamp.

Inside this chamber, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed to provide disinfection without the use of chemicals, providing high quality drinking water.

Get safe, great tasting drinking water, delivered to every tap in your home with the Hydro-Safe Water filtration system for whole home water treatment and water conditioning.

The unique Hydro-Safe water filtration and conditioning system incorporates three water treatment technologies into one system to provide three-step water treatment to remove harmful bacteria, cysts, tastes, odors, sediment, chlorine, THM’s (a known cancer causing byproduct of chlorine), and other harmful drinking water contaminants.

Independent Lab Validated


Hydro-Safe Water Conditioner systems have been tested by BioVir labs to validate performance.
Test results cofirm bacteria is reduced 99.9%. (E-Coli bacteria used for tests.)

Flow rate (max.) 14 GPM
Voltage (lamp) 110 Volts
Cartridge capacity 200,000 (Gals./ average use)…..gallons
Uv dose rate (mJ/cm2) 40,000+
Bacteria reduction* 99.9%

*E-Coli used for tests with cartridge in place.